In the fishtank

Help us, help us, help us, 
Please if we could see clearly what we would decide 
If there was no desperation, would we be alive? 
If there were no windows that we sit inside 
If there were no ugly feelings, would we be alive? 
Would we be alive? 

Help us, help us, help us, 
Please would you make me helpless 
So that I could be looking for the sight of something that I cannot see 
I'd be floating in the ocean, floating in the sea 
Floating in a drifting wind, 
I wish that I could be floating in a liquid, nice and thick and warm 
Floating where there is no pleasure and there is no harm 
Life could be so pleasant, if we all could be 
Helpless, hopeless creatures just marching to the sea 
Would we be alive? 
Helpless, hopeless


When I speak the words I repeat 
Are lost within this roaring 
And when I call your eyes turn on me 
But what are they exploring? 
Hidden shapes that pass fast away upon the waters streaming 
And what I see I just cannot say 
There is no one to heed me 
I could say that I am sorry 
But what forgiveness lies before me? 

In the river you who know me know all too well 
All my sins and failings but brother dear, how could I tell? 
The course that I was sailing in the flood, 
Before my eyes I see the face that I despise 
In the river it's mine, it's mine drifting far away 
I can see you're not very strong as the current sweeps 
You by me and I can see your head going down 
As helpless your cries find me 
"Help me! Aave me! Lend me a hand! 
Pull me out! Pull me out! Save me! Save me! 
Give me your hand! Pull me out! Pull me out!" 
I would save you, give my life but it's already sacrificed to the river 
It's gone, it's gone drifting far away 
Mothers tell your children the truth 
Don't hide the fate that's waiting when you're born 
You start to drown there is no help, no safety 
First a gift of love is given then the winds rise, 
The sails are riven in the river 



Mother, father, sister, brother 
Now you know where you belong 
Mother, father, sister, brother you are one husband, 
Wife, daughter, son now you know where you belong 
Husband, wife, daughter, son you are one it's a lie, 
We're just good friends 
What have you seen, what have you heard? 
It's a lie, it's a lie what do you fell,
What do you feel, what do you feel? 
Mother, father, grandmother, grandfather 
Great grandmother, great grandfather 
Great great grandmother 
Mother of all motherfuckers, 
Mother of all motherfuckers 
Protect me, protect me, protect me! 
You are not one 


Like a monkey in a zoo, you're half gorilla too 
When you pound it with your fist 
And make it real stiff big dick 
Gotta cover your mistakes, 
Your bloody out-takes 
So you dip it in the wine and make a holy sign 
Big dick Big dick! Come quick big dick! 
Come quick well, you're running up a tree, 
You're trying not to scream 
Then you're pounding on your chest like you whipped the best big dick 
The rivers of the blood you've spilled have turned to mud 
Now the flies are buzzin' round, 
Don't they make a loud sound big dick big dick! 
Come quick big dick! Come quick 
It won't be long till those bad bits are gone 
It won't be long till those bad bits are gone 
Now we're sitting by the fire but daddy's getting tired 
'Cause he drank the whole crock 
Now he's got a limp cock big dick big dick! 
Come quick big dick! Come quick