Nuclear satellites 
Thrown up in space 
Will all burn out some 
Day guess where they'll crash 

We've been lucky so far 
Every toy up there is another chernobyl 
Waiting to happen 


Space shuttle blew up again 
People drop dead 
News says "don't worry" 
Then the truth comes out 

Since 1988 
Every shuttle in space 
Has carried 46 
Pounds of plutonium 

I don't know 
I'm scared to care 

Enough plutonium 
That if it blows 
The fallout cancer 
Could kill 5 billion people 

So now it's over 
It's really over 
Space junk in the street 
Irradiated atmosphere 

Fallout covers the earth 
Greenhouse so hot we fry 
Six months, maybe years 
We all know we'll die 

So - what matters now? 
Nothing matters now 
Imagine what would happen 
If everyone on earth 
Realized this at once 

Gonna go loot stores! 
Piss anywhere! 
Break into peoples houses
Play with their underwear 

Strew all my prizes in the street 
You can't take it with you 
Nothing left to do 
But go home 
And bolt the doors 


Let's curl up real close 
And tell each other 
All the things we still don't know 
About our lives 


Falling space junk in the streets 
Eadiation in the air 
Nothing left that's safe to eat 
The sky is melting 
And I want my mommy. 


Jesus was a terrorist 
Enemy of the state 
That's what the romans labeled him 
So he was put to death 

He died for his beliefs 
What's changed today? 

Today bible-thumping cannibals 
Reap money from his name 
Buy cable networks & power 
With old ladies' checks 

If jesus saw pat robertson 
What do you think he'd say? 

Tax-free they re-write our laws 
And sick 'em on you 
Women don't control their bodies
TV preachers do 

Censor everything from bathing suits 
To science books 
From the schoolroom to the bedroom 
They want our thoughts - or else 

They treat us like the romans 
Used to treat the christians 
Een some church going folks are scared 
Modern catacombs of fear 

Built with money, power and threats 
Rock'n'roll is labeled porn 
Sell a record, you're under arrest 

Instead of fighting aids 
They try to stop us having sex 
They brag that they won't quit 
Till they take dominion over our lives 

Is freedom of speech such a terrorist act 
Is spiritual peace such a satanic threat 
Believe what you want 
But we'll fight to keep 
Out heads from being cemented in your sand. 


On the top floor, from my penthouse 
I survey what I rule 
High rises 
Thin curtains 
All lights go out by two 

No one ever sees me 
Yet I know all of you 
It's sort of like a small town 
When your whole lives are on my computer 

Ah... Ah... 

All the power, none of the stress 
So much better being hatchet man 
Than a henpecked attention-starved target 
Like the big man himself 

Our goal is perpetual economic victory 
We play with you to amuse ourselves 
Our motives are personal 
Our motives are political 
Our motives are sexual 
I know 

Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho 

The laws we make for others 
Don't apply to us 
We do what we want 

A lethargic population is the key to our control 
Who'd rather watch someone's life on tv 
Than participate in their own 
Mentally they feel helpless 
Physically they just give up 
We priced the healthy food so high 
They can only buy soda pop 

A house broken bee colony 
That goes home after 5 
Too burnt and glazed to threaten us 
With purpose in their lives 

Ah... Ah... 
Ha Ha Ha 
We drug their snacks at work 
Mix hormones in kids lunch at school 
Don't be a pill, it's good for you 

The men grow up muscular 
Short tempered and kinda dumb 
The women develop those outrageous curves 
The kind you only used to see 
In the movies and magazines 
We banned and rounded up for ourselves 
It's off to do our work you go 

We melt you with acid rain 
Keep you poor for economic gain 
Convince you your biggest threat 
Is drugs and terrorists 

They don't even have to be real 
Just find a face, make up a crime 
Run sensational headlines 
Works every time 

The people must not realize 
They are being manipulated 
For them to be manipulated effectively 

We give 'em things to worry about 
Buying clothes and losing weight 
Your lack of curiosity 
Is the key to our success 

Your lack of curiosity is the key to our success 
Hi Ho
Hi Ho
Hi Ho
Life's so simple and happy 
When everything's clear. 


We're bad So bad 
We're bad So bad 
We're bad  So bad 
We're bad 
We're bad 
We're bad 
We're bad 
We're bad 

I feel it in my heart 
I believe it in my soul 
But we will never live 
Long enough to know 

Restless and curious 
Down in my gut I know 
That I will never ever 
Want what I am told 

We're bad So bad 
We're bad So bad 
We're bad  So bad 
We're bad 
We're bad 
We're bad 
We're bad 
We're bad 

Mama told me from the start 
Got the same rap at school 
Heard it so much that now 
Guess I believe it too 

So guess what kinda crowd 
I hang around with now 
Being bad is better 
Than being nothing at all 

We're bad! 


If I could travel back in time 
I'd go to 1899 
High in the Sierra Hills
And ride the lumber down the Sanger flume 

The flume 
Ride the flume 
Ride the flume 
Ride the flume 
Watch out for that tree 

Forget log rides in amusement parks 
This one's 50 miles long 
Water slide with four foot sides 
Down the mountain, 60 miles an hour 

Drop through the Devil's Slide 
Four thousand feet in 13 miles 
Miss a curve, ya sail into space 
Hope them 2 x 4's don't break 

The flume 
Ride the flume 
Ride the flume 
Me and you 

Watch out for that tree 
Watch out for that tree! 

To the sides of the cliffs we cling 

The trestle creaks 
As we're swept across the canyon 
100 feet below 
Rickety timbers - please don't fail me now 

Oh no... 

Watch out for that tree 
Watch out for that tree 
Or its pine cone sex face first 
For you and me. 


Someone's dad passed out in the street
The wind-up key woker bees
Buzz right on by
At night he still lies
There 'cos nobody cares

Insects with briefcases ignore him 
Been lying here for days 
Not my problem, man 
Look man, this is new york

Now the rats are coming to feed 
Every night they bring more and more of their friends 
Immune to rat poison, totally unafraid 
And this is a very special treat indeed 

They crawl up my pantleg / Iím too weak to move 
No one hears my cries as they start on my toes 
Their teeth are like razors as they gnaw at my hands 
It sure beats mcdonald's so get it while it lasts 

Chew  Devour 
Chew  Devour 
Chew  Devour 
Chew  Devour 

See the headline in the Post?
No one helped that old man for a week 
They're homeless cos they wanna be 
Let's talk about sports 
Watch 'em tear that old building down 
On the way home 

But when a bulldozer pops the rubble like a pimple 
Volcanoes of rats swarm all over us like bees 
As big as a cat, not afraid to chase people 
Or nibble on the wipers and vinyl roofs of cars 

People are panicking, the cops have all fled 
A shotgun will only kill one at a time 
And it won't be the last time we run for our lives 
From those teeth sinking into our arms and legs 

Chew  Devour 
Chew  Devour 
Chew  Devour 
Chew  Devour 
Mmm Mmm Good 

City fathers see a bright future ahead 
Where the poor no longer exist 
Drive the neighborhood people away from their homes 
Paint 'em over and quadruple the rent 

Isolate the undesirables in places like Harlem 
Our sowetos without walls 
If they won't go away 
Cops smash their heads 
Like they did in Tompkins Square 

Those stories give me the creeps 
I hope I didn't miss that last train 
Some smart-ass plastered life-size pictures of rats 
On the walls of the subway station 
Funny joke 

It's so quiet down here 
It's a little too quiet down here 

Who's that across the tracks 
Smoldering eyes are glaring up at me 
Inching closer and closer, almost laughing out loud 
The train finally comes, but it won't even stop 

Not here, not tonight 
I'm off in an hour, I don't wanna get involved 
With some guy in a suit fighting rats off his face 
Just leave 'em to the night, they'll be gone the next day 

Chew  Devour 
Chew  Devour
Chew  Devour
Chew  Devour


First the urine test - now this 
First the urine test - now this! 
Why do all the best technology advances 
Always wind up in the worst possible hands 

Through dna analysis 
We may one day conquer disease 
A "perfect" baby every time 
By mapping and manipulating people's genes 

Cosmetic surgery before you're born 
Know in advance what you'll die of 
Everyone is useful and the same 
Swimmers bred like horses for olympic teams 

Life insurance? be serious! 
You have to get your genes screened first 
Toxic chemicals? fumes at work? 
No sweat! get a gene transplant 

Otherwise you'll lose your job do 
You wanna wind up out in the streets? 
And raise your children in campgrounds and shelters? 
And beg to eat 

There's too many sharks in the gene pool
Too many chewed up bodies on the shore 
Too many sharks in the gene pool 
Too many leftovers rotting all around us 

First the urine test - now this! 
Why do the best technological advances 
Keep winding up as... 

Uniform hybrid species 
For fresh-looking pest-proof food 
An apple can sit on the shelf for years 
When we irradiate the molecules 

But where did the nutrition go? 
And what's taken it's place? 
Slipshod tampering with science 
Out of control factory farm eugenics 

Slaughterhouses in lowa 
Filled with tumor-infested cows 
Failed experiments hidden 'til sold 
To your local school lunch program 

Grade D, but edible 
Our food, our life, our attitude 
Suffocating in what we refuse to recycle 
Time bombs fester in every town 

Billions of dollars spent every year 
Searching for a cure for cancer 
Why not spend that money instead 
To wipe out pollution that causes the cancer 

There's too many sharks in the gene pool 
Too many screw-ups washing on shore 
Too many sharks in the gene pool 
Too many preventable accidents among us 

Meryl Streep... where are you? 

Where did american know how go 
Why do japanese build better stereos 
Is it 'cos our best minds can't get a job 
Except when they help make toys for the Pentagon 

Germ warfare, more bombs 
Germ warfare, more bombs 
Our whole economy's based on fear and death 
How long can we get away with this? 

And we live here 

Instead of better health we get a.i.d.s. 
Instead of nourishment we get steroids 
The most popular selections at celebrity sperm banks 
Are sports heroes 

Gap widens between the haves and the have-nots 
Rich and powerful breed only with themselves 
We all know what happens when too much of this happens 
The offspring just ain't real bright 

How else can you explain 
The erosion of talent and the vision thing 
To the point where the best that they can come up with 
For our future role models and leaders 

Are vicious blind machines 
Like Albert Gore and Dan Quayle 
Why do the best solutions and advances 
Get thrown away in the worst possible hands 

There's too many sharks in the gene pool 
Too many carcasses washing on shore 
Too many sharks in the gene pool 
Avalanche of toxic guts all around us 

We're incompetent as human beings 
Even worse at playing God 

Wrong people 
Right place 
Ruling class 
Gets the only pass 
To board the ark 
For outer space 
In 2001 
What about this place? 


In san francisco you can be mayor at 18 
But ya gotta be 26 to drive a cab 

What goes on 
Is not what we're told to see 

Patrick henry said "Give me liberty or death"
A the time he owned 65 slaves 

The myth is real - Let's eat 

Fake patriots say you can't burn the flag 
But guess who whines the most 
'bout having to pay taxes 
To their country 

Cover up 
Dow Jones 
Where's home 
When everything we lean on 
Is up for sale 

Ad lady purrs, "Drink our liquor, you'll get laid" 
Next billboard says, "Don't drink and drive" 

What goes on is not what we're told to see 

Panic! Panic! War on drugs 
But you can buy beer at gas stations 

The myth is real - let's eat 

Pagan priests first used perfume 
To mask the smell of burning flesh 
Back in ancient Rome 
The statues were unscrewed 
Leaders change - just replace the heads 

Cover up 
We are 
In life 
Roulette wheel 
Or the ball inside 

Anyone out there stopped to think 
What our lives might be like today 
If Karl Marx was as good a salesman 
As Walt Disney 

The bacon brought 
You home to cook 
The lobster lets 
Itself get boiled 
Looks too hard to climb 
Out of the pot with all the crabs 
Fear the unknown 
Who taught you that? 

One hundred million trees a year 
Get made into junk mail no one reads 
What goes on is not what we're told to see 

Half of all americans don't read books 
I'm one of them, but you're reading this 

The myth is real - let's eat 

General Robert E. Lee 
Freed his slaves before Grant freed his 
Brian Willson's legs 
Severed by a train 
The crew sues him for stress 

Levis were once made of hemp * 
From the marijuana plant 
One acre makes four times more paper 
Than an acre of trees 

More protein than soy beans 
Threat to logging companies 
Du Pont and tobacco barons 
Got it banned in '37 

The world is made of connections 
So many sheep in wolf's clothing 
Scary times are never dull 
How long before our empire falls 

No one wants the Pentagon 
Toilets for six hundred bucks 
Japanese spend twice as much 
On pinball as defense 

Meanwhile concerned citizens 
In Albany, Oregon 
Try to ban a book 
'Cos it makes fun of Santa Claus 

We're told 80% of people like the President in the polls 
While only 15% believe he's in control 
And 64% of lowans surveyed 
Want to be reincarnated as themselves