You kill me

They say the eyes are the windows of the soul 
But i love all the little dark holes n your body bag. 
Your little willie, he's oh, so pretty, 
And those titties, and those titties in the body bag. 
Nobody knows you and nobody wants to. 
Willie's poised to dive into flesh, 
Something tells me he will leave a mess in the body bag. 
When we kiss my eyes are closed, 
My lips are full, i breathe through my nose in the body bag. 
Nobody knows you and nobody wants to. 
See the children play in the mud, 
Moulding balls of faces and blood from the body bag. 
All praise for corporal flesh; 
The smell of love, the smell of death from the body bag. 
Is it a womb or is it a tomb? 
A sac of water that's quiet and warm, 
A complex shape's beginning to form, 
On marble slabs you're flat on your back, 
All colours fall into the basic black of the body bag. 
The creatures of earth are countless and strange, 
Open your lips and tell me the name of your body bag. 
All praise for corporal flesh. 


No more. No way. 
No more. I say. 
You do it. I don't. 
You will. I won't. 
Stop it! 
That's all. The end. 
All gone. All spent. 
Enough. No more. 
Go on? What for? 
Stop it! 
No more, No use. 
No bright excuse. 
You do. I don't. 
You will. I won't. 
Stop it! 
No! More! 
Yes! Now! 
Stop it! 


I like some bodies. 
I hate some bodies. 
With some bodies I know I could go either way. 
I'd like to have somebody some way. 
I've seen them moving, I've seen the breathing, 
And all of the things that my body can do. 
Because I'm a body, I wan't a body, too. 

Somebody like you, or you. 
Give me the muscle. 
Give me the bone. 
Give me your mind. 
Give me your soul. 
Give me the blood. 
Give me the flesh. 
And give me the rest. 
C'mon, give me the rest. 
Give me all the rest. 
Somebody warned me, 
"when you get a body you get it all."
Another body warned me, 
"when you get a body you get everything." 
"Cause when you get a body you get some nice things, 
but you get some things that aren't so nice at all, no!" 
But that's allright by me, I just want some body. 
Some body that will touch me. 
Touch my body. 
Some body i can touch. I want to touch your body. 
After one body what could come? 
There's so many styles, so many to choose from. 
I'll hunt the streets, try to select. 
I could become a body collector. 
Some bodies! Some bodies! 
Some bodies, I hate 'em. 
Some bodies, i love 'em. 
Just give me somebody. 
Anybody won't do. 
I need somebody, somebody like you. 
I'm doing nothing wrong. 
I just want to feel. I just want to feel. 
I just need to feel. 
Can you help me feel?