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Year Country Town Venue Date (dd/mm)  Support band  recording
1990 USA Sacramento Cattle club 02.03.   yes
  Canada Vancouver Commodore ballroom 09.03. support of DOA  
  Netherlands Sneek Bolwerk 07.04.    
  Netherlands Den Haag Paard 11.04.   yes set list
  Netherlands Groningen Vera 12.04.    
  Netherlands Effenaar Eindhoven 13.04.   yes set list  Live & cuddly
  Belgium Gent Democrazy 15.04. Snuff yes set list
  UK Nottingham Marcus Garvery Centre 18.04.    
  UK Leeds Warehouse 19.04. Leatherface and Pleasant Valley Children  
  UK Manchester The Boardwalk      
  UK Belfast Conor Hall 21.04. Choke & Strontium Dog  
  Ireland Dublin New Inn 22.04.    
  UK Newcastle Riverside 24.04. Thrash Dan Dare  
  UK London Boston Arms 27.04. Leatherface and Hotalacio  
  Slovenia Ljubljana Menza Št. Naselja 27.04.    
  France Poitiers Le Confort Moderne 01.05. Broken bottle  
  Austria Wien Arena 12.05.    
  Austria Linz Kapu 13.05. ARM yes set list
  Germany Frankfurt Labsaal 18.05.    
  Germany Aldingen   19.05.    
  Germany Münster Odeon 20.05.    
  Germany Berlin Technische Universität 22.05.    
  Germany Hannover Korn 23.05.    
  Poland Poznan Bratniak 24.05.   yes set list
  Poland Warsaw Dziekankan 25.05. live in warsaw tape yes
  Germany Hamburg Fabrik 9.06.    set list
  Poland Pita   ?    
  Germany Offbeat TV appearance   02.07.    
  Canada Winnepeg Royal albert hall ?   yes set list
  Canada Vancouver Commodore Ballroom 11.11.
Jello Biafra, Chris Houston's Evil Twang