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Year Country Town Venue Date (dd/mm) Support band  recording
1995 Canada Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom 03.03. A benefit showMr. Wong, Hanson Brothers, Mystery Machine, Gus, DOA, SNFU, Nomeansno  
  Canada Vancouver, BC Hungry eye 28.06.    
  Canada Victoria, BC Rat's nest 03.07.    
  Canada Nanaimo, BC Cenntenial hall 15.09.    
  Canada Victoria, BC Union hall 16.09.    
  Canada Vancouver Commodore Ballroom 17.09. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  Canada Edmonton Polish hall 19.09. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  Canada Calgary Republik 20.09. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide yes set list
  Canada Saskatoon The place 21.09. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  Canada Regina University 22.09. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  Canada Winnipeg Le Rendevouz 23.09. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  Canada Thunder bay Crocks and rolls 25.09. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  Canada Kitchener Volcano 27.09. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  Canada London, Ont Embassy 28.09. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  Canada Toronto Opera house 29.09. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  Canada Montreal Cafe campus 30.09. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  Canada Ottawa Batholemews 01.10.    
  USA Boston Mama kins 03.10. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  USA Philadelphia Khyber pass 04.10. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  USA Atlanta Midtown music hall 06.10. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  USA Talahassee Down unde 07.10. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  USA Greensboro Turtle 08.10. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  USA Carboro Cat's cradle 09.10. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  USA Norfolk King's head inn 10.10. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  USA Baltimore Club midnite 11.10. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  USA New York Tramps 12.10. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  USA Washington Black cat 13.10. Alice Donut,Ulra Bide  
  USA Cleveland Euclid tavern 14.10.    
  USA Chicago Fireside bowl 15.10. Naked Agression,454 Big Block  
USA Salt lake city ? 18.10.
  USA Spokane KC Hall 20.10.    
  USA Seattle Moe 21.10.    
  Canada Vancouver York theatre 28.10.    
  New Zealand Auckland Power station 09.11.    
  New Zealand Hamilton ? 10.11.    
  New Zealand Palmerston north Wild horse saloon 11.11.    
  New Zealand Wellington Antipodes 12.11.    
  New Zealand Dunedin Provincial 14.11.    
  New Zealand Christchurch Warners 15.11.    
  Australia Melbourne Prince of whales 17.11. Front End Loader  
  Australia Melbourne Pushover festival 18.11.    
  Australia Adelaide Tivoli 19.11. Front End Loader  
  Australia Perth The planet 21.11.    
  Australia Canberra University 23.11. Front End Loader  
  Australia Sydney University 24.11. Front End Loader  
  Australia Brisbaine Livid festival 25.11. Front End Loader  
  Australia Sydney Annandale 26.11. Front End Loader  

Hanson Brothers

Year Country Town Venue Date (dd/mm) support band recording
1995 Canada Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom 03.03. A benefit show