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Year Country Town Venue Date (dd/mm) Support band  recording
2001 USA Chicago Fireside bowl ? Removal  
  USA Seattle Graceland 23.02. Removal  
USA Spokane Ichabod's 24.02. Removal  
USA Big Sky Buck's T-4 25.02. Removal  
USA Salt lake city Kilby cort 27.02. Removal  
USA Fort collins Stardust 28.02. Removal  
USA Denver buebird theatre 01.03. Removal  
USA Kansas city El Torreon 02.03. Removal  
USA St. Louis Creepy crawl 03.03. Removal  
USA Fayetteville Clunk hall 05.03. Removal  
USA Norman ? 06.03. Removal  
USA Fort worth Rdglea Theatre 08.03. Removal  
USA Austin Emo's 09.03. Removal, Zulu as kono  
USA Dallas Galaxy 10.03. Removal  
USA Albuquerque Launchpad 12.03. Removal  
USA Tuscon Congress hotel 13.03. Removal  
USA Los Angeles, CA Spaceland 15.03. Removal yes
USA Berkley Stryy plough 16.03. Removal  
USA Cotati, CA The Beginning of the Inn 17.03. Removal/Salt video
USA Eureka Club west 18.03. Removal  
USA Tacoma The swiss club 20.03. Removal  
Canada Vancouver Commodore ballrom 21.03. Removal,
All State Champion
Netherlands Rotterdam Waterfront 03.05. Removal
Netherlands Nijmengen Doornsroosje 04.05. Removal  
  Germany Mühlheim Autonomes Zentrum 05.05. Removal
  Germany Bremen Schlachthof 06.05. Removal
  Germany Hannover Musikanlage Nord 08.05. Removal
  Germany Berlin SO36 09.05. Removal video set list
  Poland Wroclaw Strefa Radia Kolor 10.05. Removal  
  Czech Republic Prague Lucerna 11.05. Removal yes set list
  Germany Nürnberg K14 12.05. Removal
  Germany München Backstage 13.05. Removal
  Poland Wroclaw Strefa Radia Kolor 15.05. Removal
  Croatia Zagreb SKUC 16.05. Removal
  Slovenia Ljubljana Metalkava 17.05. Removal
Italy Padova csoa Pedro, 18.05. Removal
  Italy Bologna Teatro Polivalente Occupato 19.05.. Removal
  France Marseille Mirabeau 20.05. Removal
  Spain Barcelona Garage 22.05. Removal
  Spain Madrid Caracol 23.05. Removal
  Spain Bilbao Sala pagoa 24.05. Removal
  France Bordeaux Koslow 25.05. Removal
  France Tours Aucard 2 Tours 26.05. Removal
  Switzerland Geneve Kab a L'usine 28.05. Removal
  Switzerland Zürich Rote Fabrik 29.05. Removal
  Germany Tübingen Sudhaus 30.05. Removal
  Germany Heidelberg Karlsorfbahnhof 31.05. Removal
  Germany Köln Bürgerhaus Stollwerk 01.06. Removal yes photos
  Belgium Opwijk Nijdrop 02.06. Massis
  Canada Tofino Legion 14.06.  
  Canada Nanaimo Queens 15.06.  
  Canada Victoria Icehouse 16.06.  
  Canada Vancouver Starfish room 17.06.