Look, Here Come The Wormies / S.S. Social Service- 7"
(no label, 1980) 
Look, Here Come The Wormies / S.S. Social Service 
[500 made. Good luck finding it! ; "s.s. social service" by MASS APEAL (?) Rob Wright - guitar, tape hiss John Wright - drums: Ray Carter - bass, vocals, door | "look here come the wormies" Rob Wright - bass, guitars, vocals ; John Wright - drums, keyboards, vocals |

Dad / Revenge- 7"

(Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 60,1987) 
Dad / Revenge
[1000 made. Both tracks appear on the Sex Mad LP.] 

Oh Canaduh / New Age - 7"

(Allied No. 10, 1991)
Oh Canaduh / New Age 
[A side is a Subhumans cover, B side is a D.O.A.cover]
Oh Canaduh  

Betrayal Fear Anger Hatred - 7"

(no label, 1981; reissued 1992,Wrong Records WRONG 2) 
Try Not To Stutter / I'm All Wet / Approaching Zero / Forget Your Life 
[The matrix number for the original (300 copies made) is 3966. On the reissue it is 39966. This EP also appears on the Mama CD.]
Betrayal...  Betrayal 1982 cover

Leave the seaside- 7"

(no label, 1994) 
Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue / Rags and Bones / No Fucking
[Live bootleg which was released with the July *94 edition of "Fear and loathing" fanzine; recorded in 4/28/90 - Weitstable Assembly Rooms, Canterbury, UK; Number rcrpa08 ]
Leave the seaside  

Shame- CD

(Southern recods, 2001) 
No Big Surprise / I Get Up, In The Morning And I go To Bed At Night / Sex Is Philosophy
Generic shame