Blobs Vol. 1 - 7"

(Way Out! 001, 1991)
My Girlfriend's A Robot


blobs 1  

Johnny Hanson Presents Puck Rock Vol. 1- CD

(Wrong Records WRONG 11, 1994)
Hockey Night Tonight / I'm Gonna Play Hockey


Puck rock vol. 1  

Introducing Vol.8 - CD

(Indigo, 1997)
Four heads, one brain
[prev. released on Sudden death]



King Konk vol. 3 - CD

(Konkurrel, 1998)
Stick boy 
[prev. released on Sudden death]



Johnny Hanson Presents Puck Rock Vol. 2- CD 

(Sudden Death Records 1999)
The Enemy /Ring Dem Bells 
[ 21 knuckle bruising songs about the world's fastest sport by Canadian, American, Swedish and German fanatical punk/puck bands]



V.M. live series ser. 2, vol.2. CD

A Night Without You / Hockey Night Tonight / Third Man In / Duke it Out / Road Pizza 
[ live recording form Fireside Bowl 5/24/97 , features also live recordings from Antiflag, The Automatics, and J.F.A ]



Rock the Rink  - Video Game

(EA Sports, 2000)
features 5 songs of the Hanson Brothers

Arlezine 4 - CD
(Arlezine fanzine no. 4, 2002)
They made her mine
(from "My game" on a CD which comes with the polish fanzine Arlezine, )

BAM 2 - CD
(BAM fanzine no. 4, 2003)
Hockey night tonight / Punch me doll / I'm gonna play hockey
(all songs previously released; CD which comes with the italian BAM fanzine , ; contains also songs by Soua Jazz, Skelett, Kim's teddy bears and Gene Caazed)