Random Thought: A victoria Sampler - cassette
(?, 1986) 
NoMeansNo: Getting colder / Infamous scientists: American Bandstand (its a cover) 
[The songs are available on the friends of incentive page| Brian O'Neill.] 

NMN/Infamous Scientist feature on both Vol 1 & 2:
Vol 1: Infamous Scientists - American Bandstand / NMN - Getting Colder
Vol 2: NMN - Burn / NMN - Love Thang / Infamous scientists- Baldwang must die]


The Infamous Scientist 45 - 7"

(bootleg, 1993?) 
Burn / Getting Colder 
[These songs appeared on a cassette compilationcalled Random Thought from1986. The songs date from around 1980. "Burn"appears on the Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong CD.] 

The Day Everything Became Nothing - 12" EP

(Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 62,1988)
 Forget Your Life / Beauty and The Beast / Brother Rat / What Slayde Says
[Available on CD with Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed.]
Day erverything ..

You Kill Me - 12" EP

(Undergrowth UG 1302, 1985; Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 86, 1991)
Body Bag / Stop It / Some Bodies / Manic Depression / Paradise
[2000 made on Undergrowth. The Alternate Tentacles reissue has the same tracks but remixed versions. Also available on CD with Sex Mad.]



The Power of Positive Thinking -12" EP

(Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 81, UK only, 1990)
I Am Wrong / Manic Depression / Life In hell
[Partially available on the Wrong CD /"Manic depression" same version as on the non-Undergrowth 'You kill me']
Power of positive

Would we be alive ? - 12" EP

(Alternative Tentacles UK, VIRUS 184, 1996
Would we be alive? (by Residents)/Rise
would- back 2 Would we be..

Would we be alive ? - 12" EP CD/LP

(Alternative tentacles US/CAN, Virus 207, 1997)
Would we be alive? / Rise / You are not one / Big dick
[ Same cover like the 2-song "Would we be alive". This Would We Be Alive? is a 4-song EP--roughly 20 minutes in length--featuring songs that were previously only available on a split Japanese tour CD single (with Alternative Tentacles very own Ultra Bide') and on a European CD EP. None of these songs can be found on any of the band's other releases, except for a percussive version of Big Dick, which is reworked from the version that appears on the Wrong album.| ]
Would back 4 Would we be..

In the fishtank vol.1 -12"/MCD

(De konkurrent, 1997 (MCD, 12"-JJRecords)
Would we be alive ? / River / Joy / You're not one / Big dick
[recorded during the tour 1996 in Amsterdam, cover shown comes from the CD; the LP-version has a white background, and comes with a postcard displaying the cover of the album (in white), In the Fishtank was released by Atomic Records on vinyl: "Atomicrecords and the vinyl is out-of-stock (will not be reprinted) | .]
In the fishtank In the fishtank

Mama - LP/CD

(no label, 1982)
Living Is Free / My Roommate Is Turning Into A Monster / Red Devil / Mama's Little Boy / We Are Chopped / No Sex / Rich Guns / No Rest For The Wicked / Living In Detente 
[500 made. The original LP comes with a lyrics sheet. Available on CD. It was also temporarily released on cassette by Wrong Records (mastered from an LP) before the master tapes were found, which were used for the CD.]

Sex Mad- LP/CD/Cassette

(Psyche Industry PIR 012 (Canada), 1986; Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 56, 1987 (USA and UK), Wrong/Cargo CAR 012 (Canada))
Sex Mad / Dad / Obsessed / No Fgcnuik / Hunt The She Beast / Dead Bob / Long Days / Metronome / Revenge / Self-Pity  Sex Mad / Dad / Obsessed / No Fgnuick / Love Thang / DeadBob / Self Pity / Long Days / Metronome / Revenge / No Fkuicgn / HuntThe She Beast / Body Bad / Stop It / Some Bodies / Manic Depression [for the CD]
[The Canada and UK pressings have the same songs. The USA pressing replaces "Hunt The She Beast" with "Love Thang". Some UK pressings also came on yellow vinyl. The CD features the US track sequence with "No Fgcnuik (original version)" and "Hunt The She Beast" and the You Kill Me 12" EP as bonus tracks.]
Sex mad

Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed - LP/CD/Cassette

(Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 63,1988)
Dark Ages / Junk / And That's Sad / Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed / Victory / Teresa, Give Me That Knife / Real Love / Lonely 
[Available on a CD titled The Day Everything Became Isolated and Destroyed, which includes the The Day Everything Became Nothing 12" EP.]
Small parts

Wrong- LP/CD

(Cargo 007 (Canada), 1988; Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 77, 1990)
It's Catching Up / Up The Tower / Brainless Wonder / Tired of Waiting / Stocking / The End Of All Things / Big Dick / Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue / Rags and Bones / Oh No! Bruno / All Lies
[Available on CD with "Life In Hell"and "I Am Wrong" from the The Power Of Postive Thinking 12"EP as extra tracks.]

Live and Cuddly - Double LP/CD

(Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 97, 1991)
Record 1: It's Catching Up / Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue / Rags and Bones / Body Bag / Brother Rat, What Slayde Says / Some Bodies / Teresa, Give Me The Knife; Record 2: Victory / Dark Ages / The End Of All Things / The Everything Became Nothing / Dead Souls / Metronome/ No Fucking
Live and cuddely

0+ 2 = 1- LP/CD

(Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 98,1991)
Now / The Fall / 0 + 2 = 0 / The Valley of The Blind / Mary / Everyday I Start To Ooze / When Putting It All In Order Ain't Enough / The Nothing Became Everything / I Think You Know / Ghosts / Joyful Reunion



Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?- LP/CD

(Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 123, 1993)
The Land Of The Living / The River / Machine / Madness & Death/ Happy Bridge / Kill Everyone Now / I Need You / Slowly Melting / Lullaby/Cats, Sex & Nazis
[The CD includes 3 extra songs (I need You, Slowly Melting and Lullaby)]
Why do theay call..

Mr.Right & Mr. Wrong/One Down & Two To Go- CD

(Wrong Records WRONG 13, 1994)
Red On Red / Who Fucked Who? / Pigs & Dogs / Widget / More ICBMs/ Blinding Light / I'm Doing Well / This Wound Will Never Heal / Real Love/ Remember /Baldwang Must Die / Victoria [Hanson Brothers] / Sitting OnTop Of The World / Canada Is Pissed / Burn 
[Includes new material, a song as the Hanson Brothers and older material dating from 1980.]
One down and to to go

The Worldhood of the World (as such) - CD/LP/Cassette

(Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 171,1995)
Joy / Humans / Angel or Devil / He Learned How To Bleed / I've Gota Gun / My Politics / Lost / Predators / Wiggly Worm / Tuck it Away / Victim's Choice / State of Grace / Jungle [CD] 
A: Joy / Humans / Angel or Devil / He Learned How to Bleed / I've Got aGun / Tuck It AwayB: Predators / Wiggley Worm / Victim's Choice / State of Grace / TheJungle [LP] 
[State of Grace appears on WRONG 5, except this one has guitars and drums; Lost is missing on the LP version]

Live In Warsaw- Cassette

(QQRYQ 009)
Dark Ages / The Tower / Body Bag (Public Image) / Two Lips, TwoLungs, One Tongue / Rags & Bones / Victory / Oh No, Bruno / The DayEverything Became Nothing / Tired of Waiting / No Sex / Manic Depression/ Dad 
[recorded live in Warsaw at "Dziekanka"25/05/90. Good sound quality.]
Live in Warsaw

Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie - CD/LP/Cassette

(Alternative Tentacles, VIRUS 215; Shock (Australia and New Zealand) ,Antena Krzyku (Poland), 1998)
This Story Must be Told / Goin Nowhere / I'm an Asshole / Disappear / Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie / The World Wasn't Built In A Day / I Can't Stop Talking / The Rape / Give Me The Push /One Fine Day [Bonus tracks: Youth / Life Like ] 
[released by A.T. as a double vinyl album, with two bonus tracks not available on the CD or cassette ]

No One - CD/DLP

(Alternative Tentacles, VIRUS 248; 2000)
The Graveyard Shift / Under the Sea / Our Town / A Little Too High / Hello/Goodbye / The Phone Call / The Bitches Brew / Beat on the Brat
[No One is also released on CD on Southern/Wrong]
No one

Blitz Live Hits IV - Cassette

Oh, no, Bruno / Manic Depression
[recorded live at Blitz in Oslo, 300 made Mathias ]

Would we be... Live? - DVD

(punkervision.net,  2003)
I got a Gun / I'm an Asshole / Body Bag / The River / Mr. In Between / Valley of the Blind / Rags & Bones / Hello/Goodbuy / Big Dick / Sex mad / Victory / Graveyard shift / Humans / Now / Brother Rat / What slade says / Dead souls / Under the Sea / Can't stop talking / Oh no Bruno / Hey Hey My My ( out of the blues)
[recorded 28 june 2002 at Camden Underworld, London, UK; on the same DVD is a HB live concert; total running time 178 min]



The People's Choice - CD

(WRONG29t,  2004)
Now / Sex Mad / Theresa, Give Me That Knife / Body Bag / Angel andDevil / Rags ’n Bones / I Need You /  It’s Catching Up / Humans / I Can’t Stop Talking / The Day Everything Became Nothing (live) / Dad / The River / Victory / Give Me The Push
[An epic and varied attempt at a retrospecti ve of the band's 24 year career.Includes `Sex mad' `The rive r' and `The day everything became nothing (live)]


Mama - CD

(Southern record, 2004)
Living Is Free / My Roommate Is Turning Into A Monster / Red Devil / Mama's Little Boy / We Are Chopped / No Sex / Rich Guns / No Rest For The Wicked / Living In Detente  /Try Not To Stutter / I'm All Wet / Approaching Zero / Forget Your Life /
[13 trks, 55 mins. Originally released back in 1982, this tim ely re-issue includes the videos for Rich Guns and Forget Yo ur Life. Seminal and primitive punk for all occasions  ]



Wrong- CD

(Southern record, 2004)
It's Catching Up / Up The Tower / Brainless Wonder / Tired of Waiting / Stocking / The End Of All Things / Big Dick / Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue / Rags and Bones / Oh No! Bruno / All Lies /Life in Hell
/ I am Wrong / State of Grace / End of The World
[15 trks, 60 mins. Originally rel. in 1989 and regarded by ma ny as not only the best NMN album but as one of the greatest punk records period. The latest Wrong reissue CD includes indeed Mr Wrong Fights the System 7”, but for this CD the songs have been recorded from a 7” as the masters were lost. Unfortunately it’s been recorded at a wrong pitch, so that Robs voice sounds a few notches too high, and the vinyl cracks/noise are audible too]

All roads lead to Ausfahrt- CD/LP

(Southern record, 2006)
Wake up / In her eyes / Mr. in between /  I see a mansion in the sky / Ashes / So low / Faith / Heaven is the dust beneath my shoes / Mondo nihilissimo 2000 / The hawk killed the punk / I'm dreamin and can't wake up / 'til i die / Slugs are burning
[13 traks, hidden track (CD only)/ black, blue, yellow and white vinyl from southern rcords europe available]


Tour EP 1- EP/USB flash drive

(Wrongrecords, 2010)
Faceless May / Slave / Old / Something Dark Against Something Light
[Limited edition 12" EP, available on tour during 2010, as well as a worldwide digital release, Recorded by Paul Forgues, who knows how to set up microphones near a drumkit with the best of them. 500 copies only for the EP, blue vinyl; EP comes with a downloadcode for the complimentary MP3s. The Ep has been rereleased on black vinly with a slightly different cover]





Tour EP 2- EP/USB flash drive

(Wrongrecords, 2010)
Jubilation / All the Little Bourgeoisie Dreams / One and the Same / Perambulate
[available on tour during 2010]

Dead Bob - Life Like Dead Bob- Life Like
(Bandcamp, 2023)
Just Breathe / White Stone Eyes/ Party of One / Life Like / No Tomorrows / That Was Too Easy / I'm Going to Make You Cry / One of You / Make Believe World
"Dead Bob is the solo incarnation of John Wright, drummer from long time and apparently legendary but now retired Punk rock band No Means No. Life Like, a NMN cover actually, is the first album John has released on his own. Though primarily written and performed by John he can not take all the credit having engaged the help of several friends to get this thing done. Recorded and Produced by John in the wilds of British Columbia, this album's material spans several decades and there is lots more in the archive", Bandcamp.