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All present and former members of NoMeansNo are involved in other bands and projects. NoMeansNo are also running
Wrong records where they release stuff of other highly recommended bands. On this page you can find most of these bands and projects.


Andy Kerr  D.O.A.  Gus  Hissanol  Itch   Show business giants    Pigment vehicle 

Royal grand prix  Shovlhead   Sewll prod.   Victims family   Kommando Sonnenmilch   Tom Holliston

5 on a Date   Two Pin Din


[features Andy Kerr and Scott Henderson]

4th and back- LP

(Alternative Tentacles/ Virus 160/ 1995)
Ananmosh / Strangled / Holy Moly / Magog Has Been Delayed / Shortcut / A Regrettable Affair / Exterminal / Sweet 'n Sour / Swell Song / Squaresville / Beauty / Time's Up / Say it isn't so / Once Machines Ruled the World / Comfort / Angra / Night Song / Forgetting to Bless
4th and back

The Making of Him - LP/CD

(Alternative Tentacles/ Virus 210/1998)
Anti-Fascist Song for Mom / Loggins & Messina Reunion / Croggy to Nowhere / Rewired / Musk / Egyptian / Arp / The Making of Him / Prelude to Amber/ Violet and Gold / The Brain's Just Over There/ Next to the Potato / Rel by Proxy / Burnt Popcorn / Electric Razor / Wasteland / Satyricon for Lunch / Bad Day for Baby
Making of Him

Andy Kerr

Once Bitten/ Twice Removed- Cassette

( Incentive Records/ INC. 071 / 1998) 
o.b.t.r. / Compilation Tape / Foolish love song / Douglas & yates / When the book comes out / Never again / Size isn't everything / The other one / Those two / When i see sting / Cup of coffee & a king size cigarette / Punctured / Spring cleaning in winter
[Brian O'Neill/ will be also released on CD.]

Andy kerr

(features several members of NMN)

Gold love - Cassette/CD

(Incentive/ 006/ 1989)
My girlfriend is a robot / Death of a dayglo / Bitter dregs / Rust spreads / Big hair / House party at John Wrights / Papa's got some new liederhosen / Three months later /dylan's woman / you nedd a stupid girl / Click's revenge / Faggot and fatgirl 
[Tom Holliston/ Scott Henderson/ Marcus Pollard/ Steven Mark Bailey/ handmade ]
gold love

The beveloment horn!- Cassette

(Incentive/ 018/ 1990)
Bean with 'B' man / Albania / Lover / Boy's night out / Nanoaimo / Erverywhere i go I'm famous / Satan's laundromat / Love sick / Harbinger of love / Backwash / This world's too crowded / Salt and pepper
[Tom Holliston/ Scott Henderson/ Marcus Pollard/ Steven Mark Bailey/ Andy Kerr and others/ handmade ]
Benevolent horn

I thought it was a fig- Cassette

(Incentive/ 018/ 1991)
Shanty tramp / Tummy town / Let's get together / Special Kay / Chew excavating / Kwellada / Last one to know / Flintstones / Boy with a truck / T-shirt / Let's fill the world up with little babies / Love boat /Baldwang must die / Floopy basement / El catrin / Carryin' the ball for hair design / World is too crowded 
[Tom Holliston/ Scott Henderson/ Andy Kerr/ Chris Houston/ Ken Kempster and others/ produced by John Wright/ handmade; note the traditional song "Baldwang must die" appears also to be on the NMN "One Down and Two to Go" LP ]
I thought i was a fig

Let's Have A Talk With The Dead- CD

(Essential noise records /1995 )
The first pigmy in space / Mothra has taken tokyo / Sugartown / Vampire hookers / Ace and joan / Soundcheck / Anything but love / I've got a cruah on wendy mesley / Good-bye luftwaffe girl / She called me pete / Primate boogie / I've got gingivitis / I can't get russel johnson off my mind / I am the lickspittle of the animal kingdom / Big in real estate / The other side of mr. sulu / Fireball xL5 / Wake up and roar bachelor god 
[Tom Holliston/ John Wright/ Scott Henderson/ Ken Kempster(jr.) all play on the album on various instruments / ]
Let's have a

Maybe It's Just Me CD

(Wrong records/Way out records/ 1991 )
Fun to work with chuck / I'm a sqare / I'm in love with a guy named paul / Bats / My slacks / Teeny weeny man / All night man / Soul of a woman / Story of p. / That weiport feeling / Acres of paper / The things you do / Crosswords / I' am the yellow fly / Pauline / Marvellous / Maybe it's just me / Mistakes happen / Small problem / Country ride on demerol / baldwang must die / this world is too crowded 
[Tom Holliston/ Rob Wright/ John Wright/ Ken Kempster/ Ken Jensen/ Andy Kerr]

Will there be corn -CD

(Smoeff records/ Amsterdam/1997)
The blood of the five brothers / My hometown / Woody strode / A walk in the black forest / Opening Day / Security / Someone beneath me / Gramma's pies / Because he comes from here / Glow in the dark / Candy and dolls / Gold in Canada / Will there be corn ? / The crested perry / Summer is comming to the duplexes / Big regrets / Try to smile / Japan is turning into Eric Burdon 
[Scott Henderson/ John Wright/ Ken Kempster/ Ford Pier/ Tom Holliston]

Blobs vol.2 V/A - 7"

(Way out records/ 199?)
You are a leper / All night man 
[ yellow vinyl/ ]

blobs vol. 2.

Hardcore Holiday V/A - CD

(Essential noise/ 1996)
What tom likes about christmas
[ thirty seconds of silence implying that Tommy likes nothing about ]

Hardcore holiday

Split with DOA - 10"

(Essential noise/ 1998)
I am the Lickspittle of the Animal Kingdom / Sound Check / Little Things 
[ "Little things" never released before; green vinyl; Split with DOA (Marijuana motherfucker/Order- from Black spot) ]

Self-aggregation - CD 

(Smoeff records/ 2000)
At One With Everything / The Irish Pub / We Don't Do TV / Typical Babies / Generic Childrens Song a la Yngwe Malmsteen / My Brother's Kid's a Waste of Sperm / England / Drug Days / Something to Me / Why Don't You Fuck Off? / You Can Count the Rings / History Aspired to Myth / Everything Comes from Here / If People Only Knew (I Feel the Power Tonight) 

When Wrestling Meant Something: a Show Business Giants Sampler - CD 

(MP3.Com Records/ 2001)
Story of P/ Try To Smile/ England/ My Brother's Kid's a Waste of Sperm/ I've Got a Crush on Wendy Mesley/ Will There be Corn?/ My Girlfriend's a Robot/ Albania/ Drug Days/ I Can't Get Russel Johnson Off My Mind/ Kwellada/ Marvellous/ Ape and Atlas
[ All tracks previously released except for "Albania" which is from unreleased CBC radio Canada sessions. ]
Hardcore holiday


13 flavours of doom -LP/CD 

(Alternative tentacles/ Virus/ 1992)
[John Wright only does keyboards and backing vocals]



The Black Spot - CD 

(Essential noise records/ 1995)
Blind men / Kill ya later / Order / Marijuana motherfucker / You're paying for your body now / Worries / Road kill / Get away / More / Je declare / Big guys like d.o.a. / I know who you are / Bound for glory / Unchained melody / Cut time / Running out of time 
[John Wright on drums for all tracks filling in after Ken Jensen's death ]
Black Spot

Split with SBG - 10"

(Essential noise records/ Version 1.03/ 1995-1997 ?)
Marijuana motherfucker / Order 
[ from Black spot; green vinyl; Split with Show business giants (I am the Lickspittle of the Animal Kingdom / Sound Check / Little Things) Szymon Struzyna ]

Loggerheads - LP"

(Alternative tentacles/ Virus130/ 1993)
Logjam / I See Your Cross / You Little Weiner/Overpowering Urges/  That Turbulent Uneasy Feeling / The Only Green Thing / Overtime / Cocktail Time In Hell / Cut And Dried / Burning In Anger / Liberation And Execution / Witch Hunt / Knots / I Can't Take Much More / Folsom Prison Dirge
[Produced by Nomeansno's John Wright/ John Wright - Keyboards & 'Folsom Prison' arrangeme.]



[project of Mark Critchley/ etc./ features NoMeansNo members]

TheClub/Energy Vampire - 7"

(Scratch #2/ 1991)
The Club/Energy Vampire 
[1000 numbered copies on clear light green glow in the dark wax. John Wright & Andy Kerr play on "The Club"]
The club

Dyin' To Be Jesus - CD

(Nettwerk W2-30071/ 1992)
Energy vampire / Freedom 55 / More / Gimmicks / No death / Good to be alive / Photosynthesis / No life / The club / Body & head / Dyin' to be jesus / Suspended reflections
[Rob Wright plays bass on all but one track.]
Dyin' to be jesus

Pull The Wool - CD

(Nettwerk W2-30095/ 1994)
B song / Stress / 88 Hammers / My gang / Frankenmouse / Swampwater / B.F.D. / Daisy / Rhodaneas
[Rob Wright plays bass on 1 track.]
Pull the wool

My jerusalem - 7"

(WRONG 17/ 1996)
My jerusalem/ Gade 2 (?)
[gold vinyl]


My Jeerusalem

3 track- CD

(self produced by Mark Critchley/ 2001)

euphoria/ seen not heard/ no life (live zürich `96)

[ 10th anniversary special; has the shape of a nagasaki-bombe Ulrich]


(all information on Pigment vehicle provided by )

Hockey night in saskatoon - Cassette

(Incentive records 005, 1990)

3Parts / Let Us Go / Metamorphosis / Imanalligator / Look Up And Live / Ivan F / Your Car Door Is Open / It's Nothing In Particular / Kitty


Let the squids fly free - Cassette

(Incentive records 017/  1992)
Savin' My Cash For A Hog / This Is For Your Eyes Only/ Thats For Sure / I Am / Cheese Omelettes / Perogies For Everyone / Torpedo Sandwich / Bikini Underwear / Hi Fish / Oedipus Complexus (For Pick-Up) / Smoking A Small Piece Of Your Brain Made From Your Loves Ball And Socket / Half In/ Half/ Out / The Wilma Dance
[Craig Vishek (guitar) Colin McRae (bass) Jason Bonneau (drums); recorded by Scott Henderson and John Wright]

Perfect cop mustache-   CD

(Incentive records 032/ 1993)
Sword To Sword / Cylindrical Earth's Women / Lice/ And Then They Went / Chicken Blaster / Harold's Club / Draize / You Need Colour/ You Need Death / Big Floppy / Total Control /  Toxic Logs / Clean Baby Machine / Dig / Bastard Formula
[Craig Vishek (guitar) Colin McRae (bass) Jason Bonneau (drums); recorded by Scott Henderson]

Independent women are so damned good... -  CD

(Wrong records 16/ 1996)
Lawn Boy Not Moving / I Feel Fine / Break A Neck / Queen Of The World / F.P.P.C.S. / Fully Grown / Independent Women / Lights / Learn To Breath
[Craig Vishek (guitar) Colin McRae (bass) Jason Bonaeu (drums) Tolan Mcneil (guitar); Tolan Mcneil formerly played guitar for GUS]

Murder is only foreplay when your hot for revenge - CD/CASS

(Sudden death records SD-004/ 1997)
Leep / Garbage / Fake Rescope / I Compare You / Combing The Desert / It's Impossible / Starling Killer / Conspiracy / Corvus Brachorbyncos / Bubble Highness / The Wonder Of  It All (Baby) / Bug On My Bag / Boef Mon Amour
[Colin McRae (bass) Jason Boneau (drums) Tolan Mcneil (guitar) {cassettes were only made in a limited number and contain two extra tracks "murder's only foreplay"and "the smog is fresh even when the air is clear" also/ the cassettes are NOT on sudden death records }]

GOD Records sampler  - CASS

(GOD records, ?)
Cylindrical Earth's Woman

(all information on Gus provided by )

Bad disco - 7"

(headrush records 002) 1993
Bad Disco / Mrs. x / Willard And The Cruiser / Rifle song 

Rope hunt - cassette 

(Remus records 002/ 1993)
Mrs.  X / Cattle Prod Romeo / Country Gentleman / Washington (crucifucks) / Sister Punk / Rope Hunt / Willard The Cruiser / Thermos Love /  The Devil's Log 
[Tolan Mcneil (bass)/ Tod (drums)/ Stev (guitar)]
gus rope

Heterobash was flipper -  7"

(Slow to burn records 005/1994)
Heterobash Was Flipper / Quero Barbie / Dave Del Castillo / Dom Fights Chris


hetero bash

Split 7" with another band named Gus

(No idea records/  1994)
Lettuce Is Dead / Snivling

gus spli

The progressive science of breeding idiots for a dumber society - CD

(Wrong records 14/ 1995)
Short Cop Buzzed / Fuckin' Nazi / Cattle Prod Romeo / Thinner / Thermos Love / Counrty Genltmen / Dragster Kings / Statue / Willard And The Cruiser / Bad Mouth Expands / Disabled / Outta My Head 
[CD contains bonus tracks by RED TIDE/ Ken Jensen of NMN and HB's old band recorded in 1985: Kelp And Salal / Masks / Nothing Left To Talk About / For The Good Of The Province / Sysphus / Any System / Return Of Jose Wales]
progessive ..

Group Therapy Explosion-CD

(Slow to burn records/ 1996)
Pipe Bomb For The Mass Popoulation
[ compilation/ 500 pressed ]


Wade-free Whereever-CD

(Schtuff records/ 1997)
Coatchangers And Rifles / Hungry Child
[ compilation ]



Bread/ the edible napkin-CD

(No idea fanzine ?/ 1999?)
Sinister acts in Bright Sunshine 
[ compilation/ comes with No idea fanzine #12 ]

(features Ken Kempster and Scott Henderson)

Stoveboy Serves Up Daily Special/Proud AsA Moose- CD

( Incentive/Konkurrel/ 1991)
In store credit card promotion man / Come on down / Zombie / D.boon's hoes / Limbo of bad hair cuts / You've got problems /Anxiety attack / Keep your head down / Cops busted the party/ The hostage dreams of home / Cascades / Lurch of lust / Box of dirt / My private island / Hooveling / Lemon cheese binge / You are here / Flower punk / Prime #'s and the big freeer / Something about love / Blue green god / Satan's fretboard / Down / The great big pink state / Lugubrious / Work till i get paid / Bag ofmy own / Denardo's tiny pads / The very idea / Money and profit / The great deceiver(a king crimson cover song) / The dance of mayo / Dull edges 
Proud AsA Moose (1985):
Satan's Fretboard, Down, Great big pink state, Lugubrious, Work till I get paid, Bag of my own, Denardos tiny pads, The very ideal, Money and profit, The great deciever, Jazz expediency in the 90s, Inside (DK Cover), Unknown, Pay to come (Bad Brains), Unknown, The dance of maya, My tea, Desolation blues, Whos been using the bathrooms, Ive got it made, Piano intablet form, I'm slowly dying, Pygmy twylyte, Dulledges.
[33 songs featuring Ken Kempster on drums before NMN and HB's/ the album"proud as a moose" was originally released as a cassette]

Blobs Vol. 1 - 7"

(Way Out! 001, 1991)
Bug Party / Sex Dream #244
blobs 1

(features Ken Kempster and Scott Henderson)

Unquiet thoughts-CD

(Konkurrel 143/ Incentive 30/ 1993)
Sunshine Bibsy & Sibby's Lament / Hard to Spell / Junior / Tired of this Bullshit / A Gun for Ringo / Amelia Earhart / Nasty Women/ Nasty Men / Shower / Cortina / Bullshit Keeps Us Happy / Slugfest / Anywhere and Everywhere / It's Ecstacy / Skrontch / Intrude / Overdose / Strange Time / So Much More / Home Computer / Busted for Skateboarding / Insecticide / Nightclub on Elm Street / Selfish Bastard / Mark's Bilge / The Pain of the Universe is in My Guitar / Hit the Road / Can't Take Anymore 
[The members are Ken Kempster/ Mark Franklin/ Scott Henderson/ and Eric Proulx
(they broke up and reformed as Swell Prod.)


High performance-CD

(Wrong 18/ 1998)
Gentlemen Start Your Engine / Well Oiled Machine / Do Or Die / They're Not Gonna let You / Doukhobor / Damned Cover Band / Scabies / Squeegee Boy / She Says / Self Cleaning Lovin' / Top Dog / Let The Games Begin / All My Drugs / Full Service / Smash the Skate 
[produced by John Wright]
High performance

Victims family

White bread blues - LP 

(Mordam /konkurrel records/ 1990)
Ungowa ! / Luv Letters / D.O.G. / Mousetrap / Mary's New Dress / Anti-Satan Song For Mom / Bloated Houusewives / Nirvana / Supermarket Nightmare / Polla / Drink The Cool Aid / Naive Children / Say It How You Mean It / Caged Bird / Follow Me To The Message 
[Produced by John Wright/ Rob Wright plays "cowsolo" on track entitiled "drink the kool-aid"
White fread blues

The Germ - LP/CD 

(Konkurrel records/ 1992)
The Germ 7 I Pissed On A Tree / 3 Piece Loincloth / instant Gratification / Mind You / I'm Such A Jerk / New World Hors D'oeuvre / Baklava / Bad Karma / Insidious / Vinnie +1 / Er What? / Fuck Richard Up / Who Needs It? / My Evil Twin / Lack Of Interest / Bogus track 
[Produced by John Wright]

Kommando Sonnnenmilch

Häßlich& Neu - CD

(Schiffen/ 04/ 1999)
Häßlich + neu / My girlfriend is a horse / Zahn/ Räden/ Kirschen / Blaue fingernails / Latex / Modelle sauen / Brmselands toilettenpapier / Exkremente/ v einem elch / Der nusse/ fauchen / Unterhaltungswesen / Olaf + Kay / Labs/ kams/ in den tube / Gerüche von einem Psychopaten / Magdalena / Es gibt keinen Weihnachtsmann
[Tom Holliston is involved in the song Blaue fingernails]

 Tom Holliston


Tom Holliston And His Opportunists - CD

(Incentive Records/ 2002)
Genetalia Issue / Other People / Trophy Wife / The Strong And Absent Type / Twenty More Years / . I Don't Want To Take That Trip Alone / Fun/ Games/ Laughter / Hilly Sand's Testimonial / Family Values / Motor Mouth / There's A Man Outside The Apartment / Child Bride / Topical Death

Tom Holliston with his Aplogists - I Want You To Twist With Me - CD

(Spider invasion/ 2003)
Talk - Action = A Good Dinner Party / A Hard Year For Me / I Need A Demographic /Fan Night / Pick Slide / Fussin With The 'tussin / Ernst Rohm Vs. The NFL / Second Rate / Chipmunk Jingo / Boxcars / Blues In  A / I Want You To Twist With Me / The Fifty Best Albums Of All Time

Tom Holliston And His Orphans Boy in Tub; Rabbit - CD

(Spider Invasio/ 06/ 2005)
Dross/ I Spoke Too Soon/ Ladies Man/ Bill Lee/ He's Our Man/ Smart Money/ No Impression/ Celebrities on the Internet/ Wallet Chains and Brylcream/ If 9/26 is Your Birthday/ and Entomologist Pondering
[the band is Scott Henderson, Tolan McNeil, Randy Iwata, Tom Holliston, Torben Wilson, John Chedsey, B.A. Lampman, and Robert Holliston]

 5 on a Date?
(features Ken Kempster on drums)


Who the Clever Girl Is - Cassette

(Schiffen/ 04/ 1999)

Leastways mine, Sense `O' Mind, The Human Touch, Never Fear , True to Form, Who the Clever Girl Is, Quasi-Moto, Baby Come Back

[info provided by VDRP (Victoria Demo Restoration Projekt)]

 Two Pin Din
(features Andy Kerr on guitar)


Who the Clever Girl Is - MP3


Welcome Home / Open Says Me / Screaming Blue Murder / Satellite Hotstove /
Loved By Millions / Zoo Planet War/ D-notice/ Personal/Everybody Time Share / Plan B / You Can't Kiss It Better / In Case Of Fire / Improve Yourself!/ Listen