Undergrowth - Cassette 
(Zulu Records, Tape 1 of 2 (Canada), 1984) 
Self Pity / Some Bodies
[Self Pity: same version as on ZULU records CD; Some bodies: not the version which was on "YouKillMe"]

It Came From The Pit - LP  It came from the pit
(Psyche Industry PIR-05 (Canada), 1985) 
No Sex 
[Live version with Andy Kerr on vocals and guitar] 

Random Thought: A victoria Sampler - Cassette
(?, 1986) 
NoMeansNo: Getting colder / Infamous scientists: American Bandstand (its a cover) 
[NMN/Infamous Scientist feature on both Vol 1 & 2: Vol 1: Infamous Scientists - American Bandstand / NMN - Getting Colder / Scott Henderson's Noxious Landscape does "Competition" and "Scott Attempts to Run the Voodoo Down"  Vol 2: NMN - Burn / NMN - Love Thang / Infamous scientists- Baldwang must die]

Van-cover (In the spirit of Expo 86, Vancouver's finest bands rip off other people's songs.) - Cassette  It came from the pit
(Garbonzo Bean Productions, 1986) 
Manic depression
[comes from ebay.com; features also: Bruno Gerussi's Medallion- My Home Town; A Merry Cow- Honey Don't ; I, Weedeater- Don't Call Us, We'll Call You ; No Fun- Hotel Indiscreet ; Frank Fink Five- Slave To My Dick ;The Wallflowers- Halloween ; The Soreheads- Octopuses Garden ; Go Four 3- This Flight Tonight ; Nomeansno-Manic Depression ; The Reptiles-I Hear You Knockin' ; Manic depression was recorded live at the Commodore Ballroom in June 1984] 

Zulu records "promotion compilation"  - Cassette 
(Zulu records, 1986) 
Manic depression
[features also: Enigmas "Flying Dutchman", Go Four 3 "Just Another Day", Brilliant Orange "Happy Man", Slow "Have Not Been the Same", Enigmas "Windshield Wiper", Go Four 3 "In My Dreams", Brilliant Orange "Shotguns, Cactus and Vengeance", Slow "Against the Glass", Chris Houston "Party with the Living Dead",  Chris Houston "Girls Are Swell", Death Sentence "In Flames", Poisoned "It Won't Last", Shanghai Dog "American Dessert", Velveteens "Tall House", Lost Durangos "Lost Durangos", Animal Slaves "Learning to Live", Rhythm Mission "Give Me Life"] 

Theft of Paradise - Cassette   
(Technawbe, no #, out of print)
Brother Rat / What Slayde Says 
[recorded live at Barrymores, Ottawa, Ontario, July 1988] 

Oops! Wrong Stereotype - LP  Oops wrong

(Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 68, 1988) 
No Fgcuink (Original Version) / Hunt The She Beast 
[From: "Ketelaars M.W.A.M."M.W.A.M.Ketelaars@kub.nl; It appears that the UK and US versions of this album differ just like Sex Mad -- USA version has 'Love Thang' whereas UK version has 'Hunt the She Beast']

Blitz Live Hitz III  - Cassette
(Blitz records, 1990) 
Oh no bruno, glad all over & Big dick
[300 copies made] 

Live treatment  - Cassette
(Shotgunning inc., 1990?) 
Transmission (live Joy division cover)
[300 copies made, 20 song compilation of live recordings between 9/86  and 10/88 recorded at AJZ Bielefeld, germany. Features als songs by Zero Boys, Al Kapott, capitol punishment, ignition, scream, hate crew, rhythm pigs, toxic reasoins and more. total playing time 60 min] 


Terminal City Ricochet - LP/CD/Cassette Terminal city riccochet
(Fringe FPL 3097/Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 75, 1990) 
It's Catching Up / Falling Space Junk (Hold The Anchovies) 
[with Jello Biafra; version of falling space junk is different than on full length w/ Jello] 

Triabal area # 4 - Video cassette
(Tribal Area video fanzine no. 4, 1990) 
"Small parts isolated and destroyed" and Interview with Andy and Rob, John is silent the whole time
[features also: Bad religion, lemonheads, bullet la volta, soulside, victims family, fluid, instigators, rim shout, mind over matter, lunatics, noise annoys, boxhamsters, rostok vampires, no no yes no, impulse manslaughter]

Where Are They Now? File- 7"  Where are we now file Where are we now file, Back
(Lookout/Pop Bus, 1991) 
[Note this song was released later on the Worldhood of the World. Coloured gold vinyl; there are also copys which have a blueish-greenish cover, and red vinyl. You can get scans of the booklet from ]

Sasquatch - 2x7" sasquatsch Single
(Kirbdog KD-002, 1991) 
I Don't Care / Glad All Over 
[I Don't Care by the Ramones, and Glad all over by the Dark Clack Five, recorded live - also on CD available, kirbdog] 

Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988 - 2CD  Last call
(Zulu Records ZULU 5-2, 1991) 
Self Pity
[demo version from 1984, originally released on the Undergrowth '84 cassette] 

Clam Chowder & Ice Vs. Big Macs and Bombers - LP  clam chowder and ice vs..
(Nardwuar CLEO 4, 1992 / Musical Tragedies MT-212 ) 
Ya Little Creep 
[Lp on Musical tragedies in multicoloured vinyl]

Virus 100 - LP/CD/Cassette Virus 100
(Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 100,1992) 
Forward To Death 
[Dead Kennedys Tribute LP]

(Over a century of vivisection and anti-vivisection) How much longer ? - LP Vivisection
(Anti-Vivisection Agency AVA001, 1992)
[Says K.Suhling Apart from No Means No, PJ Harvey is on, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine and some other bands. It also includes a gruesome booklet on animal experiments. Distribution is by Revolver. The song is in MAMA-style, bass, vocals and drums. 
Additional info by : Written and Performed by Rob Wright and John Wright - registered with Procan of Canada all rights reserved. This Track is a previously unreleased out-take from NoMeansNo's first album "Mama" - Recorded at Key Studios in Victoria 1981.]

The dignity of human being is vulnerable - CD/LP The dignity of ...
(De Konkurrent, released 1993) 
Blinding Light 
[A benefit compilation against the war in former Yugoslavia. LP comes with a big booklet. (info provided by ]

Life is change vol. 3 -LP/CD Life is change
(Beri Beri records, 1993)
Stop it! 
[previously unreleased]

King Konk vol. 1- CD King Kong
(Konkurrel, 1994)
The day everything became nothing
[from Live and cuddly]

The futility of a well ordered life- CD The futility of a well ...
(Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 147, 1994)
The River (NMN) / Jack of (Hanson brothers) / Angra (Hissanol)

The Basement Tapes Vol. 1, a KSPC Compilation of Live Recordings- LP Basement tapes
(recorded 1989, released 1995, by the KSPC radio station?)
I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement
[KSPC, Pomona College, Thatcher Music Building, 340 N. College Ave, Claremont, CA 91711-6340, USA, phone #(909) 621-8157. The song is a Ramones cover, and all this came from ]

King konk vol. 2 - CD kingkong vol. 2
(Konkurrel, 1994)
Red on red
[from Mr. Right & Mr. Wrong, One down and two to go]

Applied Science Versus The Arts-CD
(ZK records, Japan, 1995) 
Oh Canaduh

Pinnacle Independent News No.0023-DCD  
(Pinnacle, UPFRONT 0023, UK, 1995) 
Rare UK Promo-Only Double-CD + Pinnacle News Magazine, 12 pages w/Artists Infos, Pinnacle Release Infos + Detailed Tracklisting Of The CD Inc. Loop Guru - Dee C Lee - Moloko - Morcheeba - Credit To The Nation - Urban Cookie Collective - Shamen - Richard H Kirk - Zion Train - Whisky Priests - Martin Stephenson - Chumbawamba - Biff Naked - Slags - Blameless - No Means No - Life Of Agony

Let there be singles. (The Imports)-DCD Let there be ..
(Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 182, 1996) 
Dad/Revenge [prev. released on Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 60, 1987]
Brad/ Hey, there goes that kid (Hanson brothers) [prev. released on Wrong Records WRONG 4, 1992]

The Making Of Allied - One two three-CD Making of allied
(Allied records no. 50, 1996)
Oh canaduh/ New age
[both songs are covers and prev. released on "Oh canaduh 7" "]

The virus that would not die - CD The Virus that
(Alterntaive tentacles US, Virus 209, 1997)
Would we be alive ? (same as on the EP)
[contains also Hissanol "Swell song" ]

Felidae-  CD Felidae
(LastExit, 1997)
[Benefit-CD for cedarhill animal sanctuary; eight and a half minute long version of Bodybag recorded at a show in Switzerland (Leysin) also tracks by Spool, Sparkmarker, Barkmarket etc]

Inhale vol.2 -CD inhale2
(Indica records, 1999)
[same song as the bonus track of the vinyl version of Headless ... album]

Short music for short people -CD shortpeople
(Fat Wreck records, 1999)
No Fgcnuik
[101 bands playing 30 sec. songs]

Ears wide open - CD Eyes wide open
(CDplus.com, 2000)
[promo CD, unrealeased on previous nomeansno CDs according to the CD sleeve, ]

Ecstasy of Agony -CD Eyes wide open
(Alternative tentacles,Virus252, 2000)
[label compilation, song taken from the album Noone, ]

Fubar - Soundtrack -CD
(Aquarius records, 2002)
Hey Hey My My (by Neil Young)
[The Soundtrack featuring Sum 41, Sloan, Chixdiggit, Creeper, Treble Charger, Gob, NoMeansNo, English Teeth, and more.., Jamie Russell]

(Gonzo Circus , 2004)
Under the sea

Certain Damage" (Vol.8)-CD
(CMJ, 1988)
Beauty & the beast
[compilation, 17 bands, ]

Sex with nothing  -CD
(Rats Nest, MT010, 2002)
S.P.I.P. / The Fucksong
[Compilation by rats nest (victoria), 24 bands, features also1 Show business giants song; the NMN tracks were likely done in the late-80's, possibly pre-Wrong album.S.P.I.P. is a really cool jazzy/instrumental song, sounds like it's in 5/4.  The song is about a minute and a half length. The Fucksong is exactly what it says it is: a song about fucking.  Andy Kerr sings main vocals while Rob and John provide back up.  A catchy song with Andy's trademark vocal snarl.  3:14 track length.  The Show Business Giants also appear on the comp with a song called "I'm a Square".London Spowart]

Southern records distribution  -CD
(Southern records, ?)
It's Catching Up
[Limited Promo CD from Southern records distribution, 21 bands ], ]

Ox Fanzine  -CD
(Ox Fanzine,#67,2006)
In her eyes
[from "All roads lead to Ausfahrt"; comes with germanys Ox-Fanzine, 29 bands, ]

Zootje Ongeregeld  -CD
(Strike Records, strike002,2000)

All you ears can hear  -CD
(AYECH International, 2007)

NoMeansNo: Almost Like Home / Too Much Dope / NoMeansNo

Infamous Scientists: Canada's Pissed / Someone Else's Shoes / Baldwang Must Die

[Double CD compilation of underground music in British Columbia (Canada) from 1978-1984]

Die CD zur agentur  -CD
CD Promotion-Agentur für populäre Musik, 1998)

NoMeansNo: Going nowhere

Iother bands:Euro Boys - Altamont -Witte XP - Prohibition - The Desert Sessions - Chokebore - Melvins - Rocket From The Crypt- Turbonegro

[promotion CD]

We deliver the goods  -CD
(Cargo records, 2006)

In her Eyes

[ compilation with 20 bands ], ]