September 2016

Sad but true NMN are history.All roads lead to retirement...

John Wright:
"Greetings everybody,John here from NMN and with a heavy heart I must announce the retirement of No Means No.A hiatus became a long hiatus and a lingering hiatus has become a permanent one. Thirty-five years and countless miles, a couple thousand shows and many more beers, a bunch of tunes and sweaty hoards of great fans, I can't say thanks enough to everyone.I will continue to post here on our page about the Robots and future projects if and when they happen. Hoping to have the debut Compressorhead album out by next march so you have not heard the last of things yet.So cheers everyone! Raise a glass....xo"
September 2011

News from John C from the nmn forum:

"Here's the inside scoop on the upcoming few months' plans.

Two more US shows and that'll be it for a very long time. This is a lot to do with general decline of the US dollar, problems with promoters and increasing expenses for trying to do shows in the US. They may reconsider by 2013, but for now there are no more plans for US shows.

October should be another western Canada tour.

In the winter, they plan to finally get back into the studio and do some more recording. Paul will available by then to get some new tunes recorded and get Tour EP 3 ready (Cheese & Beer is the tentative working subtitle). There's a couple songs leftover from Rob's demos from a few summers ago and John has a bunch of songs they can work on as well.

Tom's solo album will be out in about a month. I'll be posting a special promotional youtube video soon.

In March, there's a chance of a special tour in Europe for a certain group of miscreants. Maybe.

that should get everyone caught up on what they hope to get done over the next few months, but naturally these guys are sometimes bums, so the only for sure thing is Tom's solo album will be available in October. He says it is called Rotherhithe.

Here's the highly professional promotional clip for Tom's next album:"


July 2011

There are rumours of a Hanson Brothers tour in March/April 2012 in central europe


May  2010

John C of

"Got the lowdown on the next EP. The tracks will include Jubilation, All the Bourgeoisie Dreams, One in the Same and Perambulate, which they've remixed from the Ausfahrt sessions. I think they intend to press it by the Sept or Oct dates in the States and Canada. This of course does not guarantee they'll be ready by then.

about 2/3rds of EP 1 have sold on vinyl. They haven't decided if they'll just sell the rest at the summer shows or make a few available at Red Cat in Vancouver and a few for Manic Pogo. Check in with Southern's site as well, as I think they may end up with a few.

When it's sold out, it'll be done.

That's right. It's a collectible."


April 2010

The new album will probalby be out in September followed by a tour in Europe in November/Dezember and maybe a short tour to australia and New Zealand in February 2011.


June 2009

John C of

"So, here's a basic outline for the upcoming months for the band.

After the European tour, Rob will be coming home to prepare to be Papa Wright as his wife is due in August. She is doing very well and most likely wishes the due date was yesterday, not August.

The only tour this fall will be a 10 date US west coast tour. Victims Family will be on the bill for a few California dates while much of the tour will feature a Vancouver band called Pack AD Rob came across not too long ago.

The next European tour will be during the February 2010 Olympics as the band wants nothing to do with being in Vancouver during that time and who can blame them.

There are a couple dates in the works for somewhere in Canada in November. This is still secret stuff.

They're also planning to do some recording this fall and try to release a six song EP by February. It's very likely going to be a Vinyl/digital release.

Tom is also contemplating recording another solo album in the next six months or so. He's got about an album's worth of material written."


May 2009

John C of

"Hey everyone, so I visited Rob yesterday and got caught up on the happenings for the band. He's feeling pretty energized after the last tour and has been busy writing music (some of it for Mr. Wrong) and organzing some extracurricular activities.

As you guys may know, he's going to become a daddy this summer. His wife is due in August. There were some tours planned for the fall, but he's thinking he might cut back a bit so he can, you know, see what this parenting thing is all about. Plus, it occurred to him that it might be helpful to get new stuff recorded. Apparently Nomeansno fans dig new songs from time to time, as crazy as that seems.

We're investigating two options for getting the entire back catalog for sale as MP3s. There's two different distribution systems that pay the bands well and get the songs into the proper outlets. Future recordings may be sold as vinyl in hard format and MP3 otherwise. It costs quite a bit of money to get the CDs pressed and people just don't buy them much anymore.

So that's what's happening for the moment."


January 2009

John C of

"I'm sure a few of you people are actually curious about what John, Rob, Tom and Raul are going to be up to this year.

Canada in April and early May. The band does intend to make it clear out to Montreal, so those out east have a chance to see them. The best part? Hanson Brothers one direction, Nomeansno the other.

There's a chance they'll consider a few summer festivals in Europe, but this is very tentative.

There's talk of a NMN US tour in Oct of next year, BUT if the US economy utterly tanks this may change.

Finally, I think there's going to be a few Japanese dates this spring, but it hasn't been finalized...that I know of.

New Music:
They keep talking about putting out an EP early this year, but they're bums.

Rob has at least ten new songs demoed and they'll start working through the demos as a band fairly soon.

Tom keeps thinking it's about time he record himself another solo record. Perhaps in 2009.

He plans to continue finding great whisky and enjoying the heck out of it.

Mikey Hanson:
Have fun in Germany and hopefully we'll see him again in April!

Big time water polo tournament coming up in June. Everyone buy their official NMN eyegoggles today!"


July 2008

"Although the Hanson Brothers will be the touring focus for 2008, Rob is already hard at work writing material for the next album. He bought ProTools and has been recording demos at home, working up some new approaches to writing songs.

Don't worry, his love for Venetian Snares hasn't changed anything. He still can't help songs that sound like Nomeansno.

What he has been doing is creating a drum pattern and then singing a melody over it. Then he adds in the bass and guitar parts. It is a definite change of pace for his music and is going to put more focus on the voice for the next album. He's got 7 tracks demoed already. The good news is that we've decided we're going to be treating you guys to something: the evolution of a Nomeansno song. After I get back home on Monday, I'm going to post one of the seven songs to Myspace for a preview. It'll be a rough demo, but it'll give everyone an idea of what Rob is working on. I'm still trying to figure out which song is going to be the best to post, as they all have some good stuff to them.

Tom did pay Rob a visit and they came up with a song based on one of Tom's guitar parts he came up with. Meanwhile, John is enjoying a nice vacation in an undisclosed coastal location, but he's always been a prolific songwriter so no doubt he has a few tunes of his own that he's working up.

If all three of those guys come up with strong material and they have 18 good songs, I will do my best to encourage a double album. "Your chump fans will buy anything you put out," I sez to Rob."

Demo:  ("Old")

John C  (

April 2008

"There's finally some news to report!

The Hanson Brothers will be releasing a live album hopefully by September called "It's a Living", recorded live in the bustling town of Coaldale, Alberta. The recording features a ton of tracks from all three albums and some prime Tommy Hanson quotes.

The album will also feature one song never featured on any studio album ever!

John C (

Nomeansno for 2008

"For those who probably don't have much of a life, you might have noticed that Nomeansno was writing and preparing for All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt about 2 years ago, recorded in early 2006 and subsequently toured for almost a year and a half on that album. Not bad for a bunch of old guys, eh? Anyhow, as 2007 draws to a close, so does the touring for Ausfahrt. It has been a good run, but various family members, loved one, cats, and friends have missed Nomeansno and crew, so 2008 will be a far less busy one for the guys. Rest assured they are contemplating some activities that will keep your ears happy. I would report what they were, except the guys don't quite know for sure themselves.

For those wondering when the band will get back to the United States, Nomeansno has found a good booking agency in the states who will make future tours a bit easier. However, no plans are in place to do any US shows for the time being. This is not to say they'll never go back...unless you guys elect Giuliani and enter a police state where cops escort mistresses to their men on the tax dollar, but that's neither here nor there.

For everyone who has come to any of the shows over the past year and a half, a big thank you is in order. The guys have been pleasantly surprised to find people still care and that they're still a mildly relevant band. Nomeansno will visit you again."

John C (


January 2th, 2007

Southern records is going too re-release "Small Parts isolated and destroyed" and "O+2=1" in late January or early February.

Watch out for the up coming compilation All your ears can hear.  A document of Victoria underground music from 1978-84.

Features 79 songs including two unreleased NMN songs "Almost Like Home", "Too Much Dope" and "Nomeansno" previously released on from the (Over a century of vivisection and anti-vivisection) How much longer ? - LP

Included are also "Canada’s Pissed", "Someone Else’s Shoes" and "Baldwang Must Die" by Infamous Scientists.

June 6th, 2006

The new album is called "All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt".  The thirteen song album will be released AntAcid Records in the States and Southern Records in Europe. The album was recorded in three sessions during January-March 2006 at The Hive Studio, Lemonloaf and Hipposound, in British Columbia, Canada.

Ashes to Ashes, Faith, The Hawk Killed the Punk, Heaven, I’m Dreaming and I Can’t Wake Up, In Her Eyes, Mansion in the Sky, Mondo Nihilissimo 2000, Mr. In-Between, Slugs are Burning, So Low, Till I Die, Wake Up

May 9th, 2006
The upcoming NoMeansNo CD has been mastered and artwork completed as of this week. That of course means that the album title has been chosen, but frankly, it’s a state secret for the time being and may require an illegal phone tap from the US government to pry that secret loose. As reported before, the CD will feature 13 songs plus something special from Nomeansno’s collective hearts to you.  The CD’s release date has been pushed back till September, most likely. -John C


January 2006:

 "Nomeansno will be entering the studio on January 23rd to begin recording their next magnum opus. Right now they're thinking they'll record 14 songs. Blair Calibaba, the soundman extraordinaire, will be handling recording duties, unless he got fired and no one mentioned it." -John C


Dezember 2005:

The band will record in January and February. The CD will then be made available in May or June. Touring for the CD will begin most likely the following September with, yes, some east coast shows.

In the meantime, they plan a couple Washington shows in April: Seattle and Richland. There are also some Hanson Brothers shows in the works this spring as well, perhaps 6-10 shows at most.

The Seattle show is April 1st. I think it'd be great if some of you guys made a little vacation of it and came out here for the show.

Friday, April 28, 2006 The Hanson Brothers Venue: Dante's

Dezember 2005:

Their current tour of Canada wraps up this month. They've got a studio booked for the new album - recording starts January. The new songs sound fantastic - instant classics. Studio work until Feb with a June 2006 release date for the album. Next tour will likely be September.

Info by Niall McKenna


November 2005:

The new album is probably released in sprnig 2006. There are rumors that NMN put an end to the Hanson Brothers...


May 2005:

NMN are working on a new album.  They have about 11 songs demoed.  But it is not going to be a double album this time.


September 2004:

NMN will be playing two eastern Canadian shows before heading off to Europe in October:
Friday Oct 8th: Montreal
Saturday Oct 9th: Halifax

(Locations TBA)

Tom is working on setting up a tour of the US in April/May 2005 and should have the paperwork done by the middle of September. Those dates will be posted once something is more finalized.


 June 2004:

 I talked with Tom at a show and he told me that they have some new songs and they will probably work over the winter on a new album. Holger

December 2003:

Then: "March will be greeted with, "MAMA", the first NMN Lp from '82, will contain some embarrassing early videos, a "MUST SEE" for avid NMN fans, a "MUST MISS" for the easily disgruntled. Close on its heels comes "WRONG", an undisputed "CLASSIC" in the annals of "PUNK ROCK" containing some early efforts by "MR. WRONG".

"SEX MAD" and "'THE DANCE OF THE HEADLESS BOURGEOISIE" will be next on the docket with dates yet to be determined."
 SMOEFF, Guru of tour- logistics


December 2003:

The People's Choice CD

Release date: March 15, 2004

01. Now
02. Sex Mad
03. Theresa, Give Me That Knife
04. Body Bag
05. Angel andDevil
06. Rags ’n Bones
07. I Need You
08. It’s Catching Up
09. Humans
10. I Can’t Stop Talking
11.The Day Everything Became Nothing (live)
12. Dad
13. TheRiver
14. Victory
15. Give Me The Push


December 2003:

Nomeansno w/The Hanson Brothers: Would We Be... Live?

Available on DVD February 10, 2004 Through Music Video Distributors

Oaks, PA- Music Video Distributors and Punkervision are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Nomeansno/Hanson Brothers: Would We Be... Live? for North American distribution on DVD.

This DVD features a 78-minute performance of Nomeansno and The Hanson Brothers at the Camden Underworld in London.

Nomeansno is a serious, creative band that falls somewhere in between punk, hardcore and experimental. Formed in the late 70s by brothers Rob and John Write, this band was inspired by legendary DOA. With over 13 albums, Nomeansno is considered "consciously weird" but all the same original and challenging.

The Hanson Brothers are the comical, hockey-punk side project of Nomeansno. Influenced by The Ramones, they sing songs about hockey, lost love and beer. They got their name from the 1977 Paul Newman movie, Slap Shot, about a minor league hockey team. Intended to be a joke, The Hanson Brothers received more recognition than expected and continue to perform as Nomeansno's alter ego. The album My Game appeared out of nowhere and won best album in 2002, placing higher than well-known bands Lincoln Park and Korn.


NOMEANSNO: I Got A Gun, I'm An Asshole, Body Bag, The River, Mr In Between, Valley Of The Blind, Rags & Bones, Hello/Goodbye, Big Dick, Sex Mad, Victory, Graveyard Shift, Humans, Now, Brother Rat/What Slade Says, Dead Souls, Under The Sea, Can't Stop Talking, Oh No! Bruno!, Hey Hey My My (Out of the Blue)

Total Goombah!, The Hockey Song, My Girlfriend's A Robot, My Game, A Night Without You, Third Man In, Stick Boy, Tranquil, I've Been There, Sabrina, Comatose, 100 + 10%, Unsung Heroes, Joey Had To Go, Duke It Out, Road Pizza, Jack Off!, You Can't Hide The Heino, Bad, Sudden Death

The DVD is region-free, but is available in PAL and NTSC standards (PAL is the TV standard for the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, while NTSC is for the US, Canada, and Japan).

Anyone in PAL countries should be able to find a copy in their local record shops after Feb 9th, or they’ll be able to buy it online from from the end of December/beginning of January.

Any emails about the release can be sent to

Catalog# HUP004-DN
UPC 827657001194
Prebook January 13, 2004
Street Date February 10, 2004
Retail Price $19.95
Sound: AC3
Running Time: 178 minutes


October 2003:

Starting around the 19th of March 2004, NoMeansNo will be playing a mere 4 weeks in Mostly Southern Europe. The second part, june/july will be mostly eastern countries plus a bit more Germany, then the third will be Scandinavia, UK and northern France after the summer. All the areas that won't be covered by these two tours will be squeezed into a third tour in the fall 2004. Tourdates.
All of this to celebrate their 25 years of being around in some form or another.  We wish to be able to invite Alice Donut to play some of the shows at one or more of the tours together.SMOEFF, Guru of tour- logistics

October 2003:

In february 2004 NoMeansNo will release a compilation album to set of a series of re-releases of older albums. Most of the songs on the album have been remastered to give this album, The People's Choice, a sound that creates an atmosphere of a live concert, the aspect they are the most renowned for.

A month later will bring us Mama en Wrong as the first two rereleases. Both albums will contain some previously unreleased material as bonuses. SMOEFF, Guru of tour- logistics

October 2003:

The Peoples Choice CD Wrong WRONG29

15 trks 74 mins. An epic and varied attempt at a retrospecti ve of the band's 24 year career.Includes `sex mad' `the rive r' and `the day everything became nothing (live)'

August 2003:

In an interview done by "greenz" and posted in the NMN Forum Tom Holliston said the following :

NoMeansNo have already recorded two tracks at lemon loaf studios for the new album and will most likely be back in the studio in roughly march to finish recording it. It will be a full length album which will probably released the following fall (possibly spring) on southern records.

NMN will be touring in Europe in the spring, will most likely head to the states after that (possibly through the summer) and then be touring Canada in the fall (this is all in 2004)

He said as far as a web presence is concerned, he has no time for it with touring, John has no time with two kids, and Rob has absolutely no interest in it. He said they were more than happy just sending stuff to Chedsey knowing that he will post it, and sending it to

They have no plans for any kind of live album or DVD, they tried filming several shows but it just never came together

The tracks for The Peoples Choice were the result of an e-mail survey done a few years ago


August 2003:

The Hanson brothers/Dee Dee Ramone split single is going to be co-released by german Wanker records and finish Woimasointu records next year.

January 2003:

NoMeansNo played a surprise show in Edmonton tomorrow (Saturday January 11) as the last band to ever play the Rev Cabaret. Big closing party - and NMN are the surprise headliner.

"Plans are afoot for some Hansons touring this spring - Canada and Europe, maybe  west coast USA - with an limited CD EP with 5 songs and a great video of "Rink Rat" on the CD, from a concert in London a while ago...produced by the punkervision squad.... The long awaited compilation "The Peoples Choice" will be released in the  summer, followed by a tour of Japan.

Tommy has just finished recording an absolutely brilliant solo album. Dunno  when he is gonna put it out."
Laurie Mercer

November 2002:

They recorded a version of the Ramones 'It's A Long Way Back" for a German label which is putting out a Dee Dee tribute sometime.(Tom Holliston)

August 2002:

After a Hanson Brothers gig in Copenhagen, Kasper Kristensen talked to John Wright and he told him Nomeansno will release a live DVD around Christmas time (2002). It features a concert from Vancouver and lot's of cool bonus material sent by fans around the world. He also told him, that they were not planning to release any new material until late next year.


July 2002:

On the Southern Records biography relase it says NMN are going to release a kind of compliation of the songs they wrote in the past months. Also they are going to release all their old stuff again on southern records because they don't work with AT anymore.




April 2002:

Nomeansno are going to leave Alternative Tentacles. There wasn't any voiced disappointment by the band, rather, the band and their management decided to merely end the arrangement. They said that they wanted to control their records. Effective April 15, 2002, Mordam Records, ATs distributor, can no longer distribute the Nomeansno catalog, rendering the entire catalog no longer available to the public. (That is the bewildering part as they haven't announced a new label or distributor so their items will be effectively out of print.)  (Also included is the Hanson Brothers album. Not included is the Jello Biafra & NMN release.)

At the moment (june 2002) you can still order Nomeansno CDs from Alternative Tentacles while quantities last.


April 2002:

Update on News and Rumors, September 2000. A couple of weeks ago, when asked if "Live in Warsaw" and the Peel Sessions are going to be released, Laurie Mercer told me "not any time soon." Ethan Beckley

March 2002:

The video that was shot in Vancouver over the summer: it seems the sound was really poorly done due to various mishaps. Sarah Frances


May 2001:

On Sunday June 17, NOMEANSNO with their friends REMOVAL will perform at the Starfish Club in Vancouver. NoMeansNo's performance will be digitally shot with 8 or more cameras by director Marcus Rogers of Cinestir Productions, for release as a full-length concert video later this year.
Laurie Mercer

February 2000:

Upcoming CD EP called SHAME due out in late april,early may on Southern records, UK. I don't know at this time if A.T. are going to release it in north america.The songs are: No Big Surprise, I Get Up, In The Morning And I go To Bed At Night, Sex Is Philosophy. This Last has been played live a few times. It's a promotional release,essentially, to coincide with a tour in europe starting in early May. I hope this helps you ! Tom Holliston.


Dezember 2000:

The band is going to do a quick USA ,tour in late Feb early March; east as far as St Louis, then to Texas, back to AZ and up through Nevada to home.Laurie Mercer


September 2000:

The "Live in warsaw" cassette is going to be remastered this winter for a spring release.
The Peel Sessions might be released in spring, too.
Laurie Mercer